Life is worth living at its best!

Inspirational Mentor, Health and Life Coach


My name is Maria Alina Gutoi, I’m a mother of two, married and worked for many years in the ‘real world’ of corporate, where I experienced the overwhelm and exhaustion when companies are driving growth overlooking the wellbeing of its employees.

It was actually my own experience of stress and ‘burnout’ that lead me to study alternative therapies and lead me to found my company, Via Sine.

Via Sine was created to provide practical solutions for the challenges of everyday life. In my work I focus on the two areas of enhancing work environments and improving interpersonal relationships, both personal and professional.

The everyday experience for people at work is less than ideal, and this suffering - often unheard or unspoken - leads to many workplace related problems. From low employee satisfaction, high staff turnover, all the way to work related stress, anxiety, depression and burnout.

My solutions have over the last 7 years mainly be focused on the two areas of enhancing work environments and improving interpersonal relationships to reduce stress and increase productivity and overall workplace happiness.

What makes my work unique is that I combine my professional and personal life experience

with my extensive training in alternative and complementary therapies, body work and emotional work to create lasting results for my clients.

My approach to helping business leaders greatly reduce stress and overwhelm and to support people going through life challenges is to use my corporate and professional experience and enhance and enrich it with my therapeutic skills.

I’ve graduated  Sociology and Kinesiology (Physiotherapy) and I’ve trained in and studied multiple disciplines, including Life coaching and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

I’ve been an integral part of The Journey Organisation for over 5 years, where I’m not only an Accredited Practitioner, but I also serve as an English/ Romanian translator and international trainer, which has taken me round the world to many beautiful and enriching places.

I believe that it is this combination of skills and my rich life experience that allow me to facilitate often dramatic results with my clients and patients.

If you are experiencing or know of someone who experiences life challenges that are overwhelming or you feel that life is a struggle, then just get in touch or book a complimentary call with me to discuss if and how I can help.

Life is worth living at its best!